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“We have collaborated closely with Picasa to marry our award-winning design expertise with California’s coastal influence to develop a backyard home beautiful.”

Kaylynn Stanton

Our Inspiration

To unlock a world of endless possibilities with our casitas, where innovation meets versatility to create exceptional living spaces that enhance property value and transform the way we envision homes

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Seamless Experience

With concierge-level service from blueprint to delivery,
you get a familiar face walking you through every step.

Picasa Concierge

With our dedicated Concierge, your experience is seamlessly managed, guiding you through streamlined process to create your new space

Seamless Build Timeline
Upon evaluating your property, our pre-approved plans will expedite the process so that you can start enjoying your Picasa Home in time.
Need Financing?

We have partnered with top lenders to offer a variety of financing options for your casita